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Gîte-hunting in France

If you have not yet found a property to buy in France with a gîte, then we can help you defining the right criteria for the gîte part of the property.

This presentation is done either by zoom or in person and costs €475.

The presentation covers:

  • what is a gîte, especially when compared to a B&B
  • everything you should consider when considering a location
  • the restrictions and the pros and cons of the number of guests you would like to accommodate
  • a gîte revenue model which you can adapt according to the property you are considering buying
  • the main costs of running a gîte, whether you’re doing it yourself or outsourcing the work
  • other criteria you should consider when viewing a gîte property
  • what’s important if you buy an existing gîte business

If you have found a property you are interested in buying, we can give your our opinion on the gîte part of the property, including the gîte income it could generate. Please contact us to find out more.

Here are some interesting statistics about the number and characteristics of classified gîtes in 2023.
This will give you lots of information about the area you’re thinking of moving to and setting a gîte in.