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Past clients

Here are some reviews from our past clients, with links to their gîtes:

La Trilogie D’Or

“Both myself and Tony would like to thank Rupert and Franck for their invaluable insight, knowledge and advice regarding gîte ownership and settling in France. We have already made great steps towards our future life as gîte owners, and using Gîte Guru services has propelled us to exceed our booking expectations for our first season.

We would highly recommend Gîte Guru’s services, with their wealth of experience and advice, it has certainly saved as time and money and a business strategy to work towards.”

Le Chai Villa

We highly recommend Gîte Guru. The amount of work they have put into background information, we truly believe has helped us to acquire our 4 star classification.

All the excellent communication and marketing advice we have received has really put light at the end of the tunnel, as neither of us have any previous experience in hospitality. Thank you Rupert and Franck for all your hard work. Paul and Fi – very satisfied clients 😊

Moulin de Fontenay, carp fishing gîte

“We are extremely happy with all the advice we received from Rupert. We had stage by stage detailed meetings covering everything needed on running a gite, from basic set up, to welcoming guests and future planning. The information we have now will be invaluable for our business. I can highly recommend this service – money well spent!”

Château de Carsac

“It’s been great working with Rupert and Frank.  We’ve been able to benefit from their years of experience, and careful analysis of the gîte and tourism markets.  Our gîte is our second home rather than our primary business, and Rupert was able to tailor his business advice to our particular situation, often pointing out things that he thought might take up more time than they’re worth.  

“Communication has been excellent throughout with any queries answered really quickly.  I definitely recommend Gîte Guru to anyone hoping to take their gîte business to the next level. “

En Gineste

“We met the Gite Gurus about a year after we opened our gîte as we felt we could gain from their experience – we were very new to it all.

They visited our property and spent time going through every aspect of the business in great detail. Their enthusiasm and knowledge inspired us to make several changes which improved the quality of what we offer and our revenue has increased as a result.
Definitely a good investment!”

Rural Gîtes

“I contacted Gîte Guru for help to increase my bookings outside of the summer, and to talk through how I’d been running my gîte business

Rupert did an audit of my business, which I found invaluable, and together we developed an action plan which included refining some clunky online systems and processes, introducing different methods of communicating with guests and shaping our pricing strategy.

As well as the improvements Gîte Guru made to my business, I really enjoyed having a sparring partner who understands the business we are in and who is up-to-date with current issues. I thoroughly recommend them!”

Caubel Retreats

“We thoroughly enjoyed working with Rupert and Franck for our property at Caubel Retreats. This was a new and big undertaking for us but the advice we received was spot on and has resulted in a successful holiday rental business!  

Their breadth of advice covered such a wide range of topics saving us time, money and effort. Today, we continue to follow Gîte Guru on instagram for up to date information on the gite industry in France!”

Domaine de Lauzel

“Save yourself years of mistakes and hire Gite Guru: after nearly a decade, they have found the pitfalls for your and amassed an incredible amount of information that will save you a huge bag of money, increase your income and take the guesswork out of running your gite business.

“Informative, incredibly generous with his contacts, paperwork and time, I can’t recommend Gite Guru highly enough. Thank you!”

Maison Toumassou

“From the very first time we contacted Rupert and Frank, they have given us structured and astute advice on running a gîte business. They listened to our aims and matched them to our budget. From interior design to marketing and financial plans, we could not have had more thorough counsel.

We are incredibly grateful for them sharing their expertise with us and could not have got started without them.”

Château de Fins

“I contacted Rupert & Franck before we opened our business, and I don’t regret it for a minute! Without their guidance, I find it hard to believe that we would be where we are today. They have been enormously generous with their time and responsive to who we are and how we want to drive our company forward. They’ve saved us from plenty of unwanted mistakes. 

We are so grateful to have been recommended Gite Gurus and I recommend anyone in this business (big or small) to work with them.”

Maison Montruf

“Rupert and Franck’s advice was exactly what we needed to get on the right track. They gave us new insights and ideas, a wealth of information and examples from their own experience of running successful gîtes. We truly believe they saved us months of research and effort, and they showed us how to avoid costly mistakes. They answered many outstanding questions and have put our minds at ease that we will have a successful business.”

A Perigordine house and swimming pool
A Dordogne property in a garden

Domaine de la Banne

“Had our final business MOT session yesterday with the lovely guys Great advice and insights helping us to take our business to the next level. Fun to work with and generous sharing of their knowledge and experience.

“A sound investment and would highly recommend for anyone who is serious about building their gite business not only during these tough times but for future success too. Thanks guys!”

Maison Saint-Blaise

“Running a gîte business was new to us, so we reached out to Rupert and Franck, who provided invaluable knowledge and support throughout the entire process of setting up our business.

With their guidance, we created a solid business plan, developed a platform strategy, established a branding plan, made essential contacts, and received pricing advice. Rupert and Franck assisted us with analysis and provided us with the confidence to make successful decisions.

All this has made managing our business fun. We highly recommend Gîte Guru’s services to anyone setting up a successful holiday home rental business.”

A Perigordine property and garden

Maison Palissy

“We stayed at Le Mazet before moving into our new property in Biron, and were impressed by Rupert and Franck’s gîte and how they run their business. 

I previously ran a Sawday’s B&B, but am now opening a gîte in our new house. Rupert and Franck have advised me on the differences between a B&B and gîte business and proposed a marketing plan. It has certainly helped saved us a lot of time and head-scratching!”

Villa CoraZazen

“Un grand merci!” 
“It was great to be able to spar with someone who, thanks to his own 5 years of experience and trial and error, knows the “do’s and dont’s” and our business through and through. You cleared questions up in minutes, which had been on my mind for months. Your advice regarding the different booking sites has already saved me so much time and it was enlightening to get your assessment of our website.

Your structured mind and schedules (love them!) gave me peace of mind and a concrete way of improving my business. I can see the wood for the trees again and am excited with everything you have given me.

A dining table and views of hills

La Maison Louverie

“Absolutely recommend Gite Guru!

The information, guidance and advice we received from them, were instrumental in changing our business. Very professional, friendly and detailed on various subjects. Franck and Rupert are there to guide you every step of the way.”

Les Eyzies

“I highly recommend Gîte Guru, we really enjoyed the experience of working with them and have learnt an awful lot.

Rupert and Franck are both lovely and excellent at what they do – a winning combination! You can see from their own gites how successful they’ve been at giving guests that unforgettable experience.

Gîte Guru provides friendly and easy to apply tutorials on all things ‘gîtes’ (interior design touches to transform a room; appropriate online sites on which to advertise; additional services you could offer guests) all underlined by a thorough demystification of French small business regulations. What’s more they took the time to learn about our interests and identified our strengths which then helped guide us on how to position ourselves uniquely in the gîte market.”

Les Chouettes

What I have learnt from Gîte Guru in marketing, decor, pricing and most of all support has taken our gîtes from ordinary to extraordinary.

We have been in the guest house and gîte business for over 30 years. One might say that we should know what we are doing……but times change, in that marketing strategies change, our guests are still the same lovely people, but now they want holiday accommodation that offers it all.

I consider myself privileged to have met Rupert and Franck.

Loups d’Or

Read the blog of Pimm and Marcel on the first anniversary of their gîte, in which they thank Gîte Guru for helping setting-up their gîte business.

“Our first guests of the season just left, but today one year ago, we opened Loups d’Or for business and what a first year it has been. A busy year but with absolutely great guests from all over the world, Iraq, Thailand, the UK, Germany, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Finland, France, Poland, the USA and Australia.”

Rupert and Franck from Gîte Guru with past clients and a cameraman

St. Felix Vive Homes

“My father and I recently acquired a run-down 17th century farmhouse in the Charente that we are planning to convert into a gite complex. Whilst my father is a builder, we neither have the experience nor knowledge of how to run a successful gite business. We had initial ideas of what we wanted to build and of what specifications (we thought) a gite complex should require, but after seeking our Rupert and Franck’s guidance, we were way off!

It’s safe to say, I’m extremely relieved to have approached Gite Guru when we did, because Rupert and Franck tested our vision and put to us questions that we never thought of before. They took us through the different aspects of building a successful gite business, starting with what makes a great gite for holiday-goers.

We had several extremely valuable Zoom sessions with Rupert and Franck, who tailed their presentations to our own requirements and who were able to quickly, and comprehensively, grasp the challenges as well as the opportunities in our property.

We have just started our gite ‘journey’ (pardon the cliché) and we have a long way to go. However, that journey feels a lot more exciting and attainable with Rupert and Franck by our side.”